We Must Admit: The Girl's Got Cojones.


Wow. We just watched today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, in which the talk-show host/model confronted Mario Lavandeira those critics who called her fat after unflattering paparazzi photographs taken in Sydney, Australia surfaced last month.

Tyra loves attention, that much is true. And she can be waaaayyyyy overdramatic. We called her out for it just yesterday in fact. So of course part a lot of us was cynical when we started watching today’s episode.

But then our mouths dropped open.

For the first ten minutes of her show, Tyra stood side by side with one of the aforementioned fat photos, wearing, interestingly, the same swimsuit she wore that day on Bondi Beach. She talked about how she’d gained weight since the holidays. She showed the audience other photos taken that very same day in Sydney — unretouched photos taken by a professional photographer, not a paparazzo — and bravely pointed out the dimples on her midsection, the cellulite on the back of her thighs.

“If I had lower self-esteem, I would probably be starving myself right now,” she admitted. “And that’s exactly what is happening to other women all over this country.”

She was now crying a bit, and we shifted uncomfortably in our seat, because, well, it was a little raw and a little weird. (We still find it hard to believe sometimes that celebrities have feelings. Sue us). But despite our ironic detachment, despite our impulse to make fun of Tyra’s theatrics and publicity stunts, one thing became perfectly clear: we haven’t got half the balls Tyra’s got. And we may love to make fun of celebrities, but we won’t make fun of their weight.

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