We Observe, Report Bad Clothes At Comedy Premiere

Observe And Report, which premiered at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater last night, brought out some very aggressive zippers and buckles, baffling choices, and a few winners. And then there’s that scrollback…

The Good:

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller have gotta be one of my favorite H’wood couples. They seem to really be pals. Plus, I dig her frock.

Okay, maybe I’d have done a nude cami, but I love Cheryl Hines’ breezy two-part.

Sol Romero shows the aggressive zipper done right.

The Bad:

Anna Faris is such a pretty, vibrant lady, she almost triumphs over this bizarre trophy wife Cache situation.

From the front, Collette Wolfe’s is pretty….

…and then there’s the back.

What Say You?

Kali Hawk: bohemian rhapsody, or teenage wasteland? (Yeah, I don’t know what that means, either.)

[Images via Getty]

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