Wedding Belles From Hell On RuPaul's Drag Race


On last night’s episode, the queens did a photo shoot posing as both the bride and the groom. The challenge brought up feelings about what it means to be “masculine” or “feminine,” thoughts about gay marriage and, of course, drama.

Tyra was the source of the episode’s drama. All the contestants had wedding gowns, which they had to customize, and when RuPaul let them run for the sewing supplies, Tyra pushed a garment rack in front of the “fixins” and tripped up the other queens.

The contestants on the show are comfortable dressing up as women, but when challenged to dress as grooms, many were nervous. A few talked about how, growing up, they were always attracted to makeup and lipstick. Jujubee said: “I’m not the most masculine guy. I never grow a beard, I don’t grow a mustache.” It’s interesting which traits are considered “masculine,” and how these men feel about them.

More drama from Tyra, who claimed that the contestants copied her idea of drawing facial hair on her face. Later, Tyra annoyed the competitors by singing loudly to her iPod, and there was a showdown on the runway, wherein Tatianna called Tyra a bitch.

But instead of getting into all that, check out Raven’s runway walk. Much like the country queens episode, Raven pulled together a stunning look that charmed the judges. For some reason, Tyra won this week, when Raven should have been the winner. Sahara and Morgan were in the bottom two, and after lipsyncing for their lives, Morgan had to sashay away. Next week: Guest judge Henry Rollins!

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