Weird Question, But Do You Think Gisele Bundchen Steals Centerpieces From Formal Dinners?

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This is an odd way to begin the week, but I have an important (and admittedly strange) question to ask. You’re familiar with Gisele Bundchen, right? OK, good. Did you know she might steal centerpieces from formal dinners? No? Well, it may in fact be one of her hobbies.

Celebitchy made this stunning observation after seeing photos of the model leaving a Champions of Earth event in which she—along with two people in her squad—can be seen carrying a green and white, centerpiece-looking flower arrangements from NYC’s Cipriani restaurant into a yellow cab. Have many of us done something similar? Probably. Have we done it just after retiring from runway modeling? Probably not.

Bundchen attended the event “as the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program,” so I’m sure no one had a problem with her taking a few souvenirs – but there’s still something a little strange about it, isn’t there?

Picture it:

“Gisele, what are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m taking these home. They’ll look good in the kitchen.”
“G, you can’t just—”
“I can’t what?”
“Never mind. I’ll grab one, too.”

I guess you don’t become the world’s richest model by paying for flower arrangements yourself.


Joan Collins wrote a touching tribute to her sister Jackie, who died earlier this month, and published it to her website. In it, she recounts the moment she learned of her stage four breast cancer, and reminisces about their childhood together.

Here’s a paragraph about the sisters’ trademark styles:

My sister and I never employed a stylist nor did we have makeup artists, preferring to do our faces ourselves. She had her signature look and I had mine, and what we wore and how we looked epitomized who we were. Neither of us followed fashion slavishly but wore what suited us and phlegmatically, and with British thrift, we both agreed it was ludicrous to spend thousands of pounds employing some young chick to go shopping for us. Besides why should we give over the pleasure of a good shopping expedition to someone else? Jackie truly enjoyed shopping for jewelry. She wore them all the time – gorgeous pendants, necklaces and earrings that she often designed herself.

“She wasn’t just a star,” Joan writes. “To me she was an entire galaxy.”

[Joan Collins]

After splitting from Ryan Sweeting, Kaley Cuoco is going to be just fine.

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