Welcome Back, Mirror Bitch


We’re only about two months away from the premiere of season 3 of Issa Rae’s stellar show Insecure. HBO released the teaser on Sunday, which features Rae’s namesake protagonist breaking out her rapping alter-ego, Mirror Bitch. SOON.

The 25-second clip doesn’t reveal much, but for now, it appears Issa is still living with Daniel (Y’lan Noel), with whom she shacked up at the end of last season, soundtracked by Frank Ocean. (She has also maintained status as the most stylish person on premium cable, IMO.) It’s unclear whether their relationship has progressed from her sleeping on the couch, as she thus decreed at the conclusion of the season 2 finale.

It’s also unclear whether ex-boyfriend Lawrence will show up again this season–the couple’s story had a fitting conclusion of sorts in the finale—since in an April appearance on the Angie Martinez Show, actor Jay Ellis said he hadn’t filmed any scenes and wasn’t sure he’d be back. Still, if I’ve learned anything in my dating life, ex-boyfriends always tend to reappear when you’re wearing stained shorts with a blown-out crotch to the eye doctor to get some corneal pus checked out, so there’s hope yet.

No sign of fellow protagonist Molly (Yvonne Orji) or her very tall married lover Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson), though at least the former is confirmed to return.

With or without Lawrence and his turtlenecks, Insecure is back on August 12, just in time for 700 Westworld robots to die and come back to life.

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