Wellness Activist Kourtney Kardashian Has Resolved to 'Fight' 'Unhealthy' Lunches With Plastic Water Bottles

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Wellness Activist Kourtney Kardashian Has Resolved to 'Fight' 'Unhealthy' Lunches With Plastic Water Bottles

Kourtney Kardashian won’t take a stand against the Kraft singles and chocolate pudding being served in an elementary school cafeteria near you—but she will inspire you to fight the battle yourself! Writing exclusively for her new blog, Poosh, she announces her newfound calling of “simply using my voice to stand up for small changes that add up to big impacts.” Sounds ominous! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star explained her many frustrations on the processed, plastic wrapped foods served at her children’s schools. “Organic living” has been vital a facet of her brand these last years. She explains:

“I wasn’t satisfied with the food being served at my kids’ school, so I made sure that the principal knew my concerns. And I’ve continued to offer my two cents on everything from the type of milk they serve to their use of single-use plastic. […] I’m doing it for my children and their futures.”

Kourtney further admits that while it might be “too late” for her generation to re-educate themselves completely, “we can form a new generation that is raised in awareness about the state of the world.” To illustrate this point, she brings her Poosh-branded water bottle everywhere she goes. It’s about promoting sustainability through commerce! Kourtney ends her rousing blog post with a call to action for the Calabasas moms inside all of us:

“It may seem like change is out of your reach, but truly it’s within all of our grasp. I practice using my voice in my community in an effort to make improvements in our environment and health, and I truly feel like bringing my kids into the mission is the legacy I can leave behind.”

I wonder if Kourtney has ever considered that her massive celebrity might influence the world around her more easily than the average working class mother. Also, school lunch reform will not take place because wealthy parents petition their children’s private schools to carry Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies. Our public education in California is wrecked, largely through the agendas of our former Republican governors—but also by tax cuts for the extremely wealthy. Maybe she should speak to noted political activist and aspiring White House lawyer Kim Kardashian to brush up on the facts! [Us Weekly]

Look at all these feuds! Kathy Griffin, still haunted by the headless ghost of Donald Trump, opened up on Good Day New York about her many, many, many beefs. As I reported yesterday, she hasn’t spoken to Anderson Cooper since she was canned from CNN’s New Year’s Eve show. At the time, he called her photo of the decapitated president “appalling.” (For the record, I feel the same way about the size of his enormous wealth.) She also spoke on her evolving situation with replacement Andy Cohen, who claimed Griffin “hated” him because he works more than she does. Returning fire, Griffin says: “Why? If he has a skill set I would like to know what it is […] That’s right, it is hard to name one.” Don’t you love cable television star on cable television star violence?

I’m also pleased that Harvey Levin, owner of TMZ, does not escape the smell of sizzling beef. According to the comedian, she “refuses” to squash her feud with the gossip magnate after his site live-blogged the cancellation of her many tour dates. I was also shocked to see she’s popped her beef with Ellen Degeneres back in the microwave for a quick re-heating. Griffin referred to Degeneres as an “untalented hack” after the television host refused to participate in Joan Rivers’ 2014 tribute. She now admits that she will never host “cup of tea” but is “happy when a female, especially a female over 50, is still in the game.” While I should probably end this with a message of empowerment—all I can hear in this moment is a voice buried somewhere in the darkest part of my soul. It’s screaming, “Read her, Kathy!” [Page Six]

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