Wendy Williams Narrowly Avoids the Wrath of the Barbz

Wendy Williams Narrowly Avoids the Wrath of the Barbz
Screenshot:The Wendy Williams Show

What do you do when the love of your life is such a hardcore Nicki Minaj stan that their stanning is interfering with your relationship? Ask Wendy Williams for advice, naturally.

And that’s exactly what 19-year-old Rob did on Tuesday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show.

“I love my boyfriend, like, so much,” Rob said. “But there’s this issue that we’re having because he has this really unhealthy relationship with Nicki Minaj.”

Williams is perplexed! Rob pushes on!

“I love Nicki so much, but [my boyfriend] has this Twitter account for Barbz,” Rob said. “He fights people online. Like, he’s blocked by Cardi B, he’s blocked by Lil Kim on Instagram…”

“What do I do? Do I leave him?” asks Rob.

After some hesitation, Williams has an answer.

“Leave him,” she says. “If this is the deal breaker at 19…”

“Should I?” Rob asks, unsure. “Because he’s in the audience.”

The audience is shook. Here’s the Barb, folks:


Williams reminisces about how fun it is to be 19 and then retracts her take, telling the couple to stay together after all. But she leaves Rob with a word of warning.

“Realize this: The Nation comes before you,” Williams says, oozing solemnity. “The Nation of, um… the Navy? The Beyhive?”

“The Barbz,” Rob corrects.

Williams turns to the camera. “Um, we’ll be back.”

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