We're Pretty Sure This Florida Woman Doesn't Live on "EAT ASS" Street


Call it a hunch.

According to The Consumerist, a Florida woman walked out of the Department of Motor Vehicles with a home address: “Eat Ass.” Everyone is pretty damn sure this is a mistake. But since it’s Florida, you really never know. Here is how the DMV tried to explain away this most Florida of bureaucratic errors:

“The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has numerous safeguards in place when customers conduct business with us to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information provided to us. We have opened an investigation into this matter to determine who and how this misinformation was provided. Using false information related to a Florida driver license or ID card is a crime, and subject to applicable penalties of law. We have already reissued the customer’s drivers license at no cost.”

Really, would anyone be shocked if there were an abundance of streets in Florida named “Eat Ass” though?

“Hi Marge. I’m having trouble finding your house. Did you say you were at 113 Eat Ass Lane or 113 Eat Ass Drive? Oh, 113 Eat Ass Road? No, 113 West Eat Ass Road. OK. Is that near the Eat Ass Highway? Oh I can just take the Eat Ass Parkway. Thanks Marge, you’re the best.”

Image via Consumerist/Uproxx.

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