What A Doll

[Breitenbach Breuberg, Germany; May 25. Image via Getty]

Teenage girls of the Georg-Ackermann-School in Breitenbach Breuberg, western Germany, practice on May 25, 2009 in their classroom the handling of a newborn baby with a baby-simulation-doll. The young girls will be in constant contact with the baby-simulators over the next few days. The dolls hide a complex computer system, which realistically imitates the behaviour of a baby and controls the reaction of the ‘parents’. With this project, the information centre for pregnancy, family and sexuality wants to avoid unwanted teenager pregnancies and tries to create an awareness for the responsibility of a child within adolescents. AFP PHOTO DDP/ TORSTEN SILZ GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read TORSTEN SILZ/AFP/Getty Images)

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