What Did Kylie Do Now?

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What Did Kylie Do Now?

Kylie Jenner may or may not have captioned a photo with the words “brown skinned girl,” which she most certainly is not. She says the caption was “brown eyed girl,” which, yes, is accurate. But several people who saw her original post on Instagram say otherwise. Where does the truth fall? According to TMZ,

Sources close to Kylie insist she never wrote it, plain and simple. We’re told the caption was always “brown eyed girl,” and that the other caption making the rounds online is simply a doctored image circulated by trolls. Her camp is firm — she never changed it at all.

Since Instagram allows users to edit captions, it’s possible the real answer may never be revealed. Kylie has been accused of cultural appropriation in the past, but this seems too overtly stupid to be real? Or is it? Only when the gates of hell finally creak open to welcome me will I know the answer for sure. [TMZ]

Amanda Seyfried has confirmed my suspicion that living on a farm is the way to go, saying that in addition to the fresh country air and space to take long walks in her overalls (I’m paraphrasing), it’s also made her marriage stronger. Farms! Who knew! (Amanda did.) As she told John Molner on his video series, Molner’s Table:

“I live on a farm. It’s what I’ve always wanted” the Pennsylvania native added, noting that she “put roots down” in the bucolic setting in 2014. “Now, with this pandemic especially, we’ve been able to just stay. We don’t even get on the train and go to the city.”
“I get up, I feed the animals,” she explained. “I recently really trained Tommy, my husband, to be able to feed [them.] He knows everything now. He can do everything.”

“Tommy” refers to Thomas Sadoski. Now that she’s taught him to do chores, she has time to drink coffee and hang out with their daughter. Should we all train our spouses to do chores? It really makes you think. [Us Weekly]

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