What Kind Of People Make The International Best Dressed List?


According to Vanity Fair, this year’s list has an “eclectic feel.” Sure, okay, you can call it that when you include individuals like the flamboyant Lady Gaga and the dapper-yet-conservative Brian Williams. But not just anyone can make the list.

There are 44 sparkling, designer-label clad personalities who have been honored (including Gaga, The Duchess of Alba, pictured above in the middle, and artist Hope Atherton, on the right). Here’s a breakdown:

Socialites/Heiresses/Heirs/Spawn Of Rich & Famous: 12
Royals: 5
Connections to Casiraghi Family (Royal Subset): 2
Actresses: 4
Actors: 5
Directors: 2
Models: 1
Photographers: 1
Businessmen Who Dated Uma Thurman: 2
Have An Uncle Married To A Vogue Editor: 1
News Anchors: 1
Have A Connection To Jaipur, India & The Gems There: 2
Fashion Designers: 5
Glamour Editors: 1
Vogue Editors: 1
First Ladies: 3
Wives Of Second Richest Man in NYC: 1
Wives Of Rupert Murdoch: 1
Artists Wearing 1920s Silk Cape From Family Attic: 1
Lady Gagas: 1
Polo Players: 1
Wife Of Polo Player: 1
Non-Polo-Playing Athletes: 1
African-American Men: 1

To sum up: The only black people are Michelle Obama and Pharell Williams. The majority of those named are rich, super rich, married to someone rich, the progeny of the rich, or a royal.

Which is not to say that these people are not the “best dressed.” When you have that much disposable income and/or chic family heirlooms, how hard is it? (Unless you’re Paris Hilton.) But there are a few we agree with…

[Three lead images all via Getty.]

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