What The Angle Of Your Ponytail Says About You


This image is ostensibly humorous, but is there some truth in this theory?

A tipster writes:

I can’t exactly say how this would contribute in the true sense of the word, but I would love to hear what people make of it, given that in Romania, where I’m from, the theory tends to be scarily accurate.

To be clear: Obviously how you wear your hair has nothing to do with your intelligence. And deeming someone “retarded” for having a very high ponytail is absurd and not okay.

That said: We do assign personality traits to hair. We think of curls as wild, untamed; we think of straight locks as professional, controlled, disciplined. Even if that’s just the way the strands grew from the scalp. A redhead is likely to be called “fiery,” even if, in truth, she is bookish. And we associate a high ponytail with youth, spunk, and a light-hearted spirit. Kids, cheerleaders, gymnasts. But when an actress plays an FBI agent or a scientist and wants to telegraph that she is a serious, brainy character, she’s more likely to wear a low ponytail. But actually, there’s only one thing you can be sure of when a woman chooses a high, low or mid-height ponytail: She wants to get her hair out of her face.

Ponytail Angle Of Attack Vs. Intelligence [Bad Spot]

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