What to Do About Our Very Old, Very Bad Electoral College


Like the rest of America, Donald Trump is still in disbelief that he won the election. His victory, which has turned America into a puss-filled cyst on Earth’s serene surface, exposed the vulnerabilities of an antiquated voting system that distorts the popular vote by favoring smaller, less populated areas over urban centers. There’s one silver lining, though: Women, pissed off that Republicans see them as nothing more than vulvas on stilts, are more fired up than ever.

However, in order for women to gain equal representation in politics, a lot more than the electoral college needs to change. This week’s episode of Big Time Dicks explores the troubled history of the electoral college and what women, who make up less than 20 percent of Congress but more than half of all voters, need to succeed in politics.

The US is behind 99 other countries when it comes to gender parity in politics. There’s a lot we can learn from those countries, according to Cynthia Terrell, the director Representation2020, a FairVote initiative that advocates for gender parity in American politics. The group recently released a report revealing that women are extremely underrepresented in politics at every level in America, in virtually every state.

According to Terrell, the surge of women running is a good start—but it’s not enough to make lasting change for women. In the podcast, she describes three key reforms that would eliminate the barriers that help women thrive. Citing federal legislation like Title IX, the Voting Rights Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Terrell notes that in the US, “all major efforts to push for equity have involved changing rules and systems to make sure that there’s a level playing field for people to participate.”

“I think that’s pretty telling that the majority of states are failing or are getting a D in gender parity in this country,” she said. “So if that’s not a wake up call to look at embracing some new tactics to elect women, I’m not sure what else is.”

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