What's the Dumbest Movie You've Seen This Year?


Everything is stupid, and so are we. Welcome to Jezebel’s Stupidest Summer Ever, a season-long celebration of our worst, most idiotic thoughts and opinions.

A few months after its February release, I watched a dumb good movie named Game Night, starring Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, Kyle Chandler, Lamorne Morris, and Jesse Plemons (in the greatest weirdo neighbor role ever), and some other people as a close-knit group of game-loving friends who get entangled in a wild criminal adventure with several twists. It is the most ridiculous movie that I’ve seen this year, in a good way.

But there are also bad dumb movies, like Fifty Shades Freed, which the Jezebel staff subjected ourselves to earlier this year, for the love of cinema. So we ask: what’s the dumbest movie you’ve seen this year? Which movies did you leave off thinking, Wow that was so stupid… (TAG, maybe?), or Wow, that was so stupid I loved it? (Again, Game Night).

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