What's The Purpose Of The Steve Wilkos Show?


Talk show host Steve Wilkos — the former director of security on The Jerry Springer Show — spends five hours a week screaming at his guests, who are essentially the scum of the earth. Viewers want to know why.

On today’s episode, Steve answered viewer mail in a bizarrely quiet segment that seemed more suited for public access. (Every person whose mail he reads on air gets sent a free t-shirt, in case you’re interested/feel up to the challenge.) One person wrote in:

I’ve heard about your show, so I took an interest in it. What is the purpose of your show?

I’ve wondered the same thing before. Steve said, “It’s about accountability, making the right choices, and exposing people who prey on the innocent.” That’s all well and good, but it’s hardly difficult to get people to cheer you on while you scream at someone who beats on a pregnant woman, or go ape shit on a mother who repeatedly dates men who molest her young daughter. These things are very obviously not cool, by anyone’s standards, and while people like that should be in trouble with someone, I’m not really sure that Steve is the right person. (Really, law enforcement would be more suitable than a daytime talk show.) While his heart seems to be in a good place, it’s doubtful that his outbursts will prevent crimes like this from happening, or that it will even change the behavior of his guests.

However, I do like that domestic violence and sexual abuse are frequently addressed — and not tip-toed around — and that he makes it very clear that people should be outraged over such crimes. If it won’t deter abusers, it might at least help victims recognize that they are in similar situations and that it’s not OK.

But every single show is the same thing, over and over again, with Steve flying off the handle, getting in his guests’ faces and throwing chairs around the studio. So I suppose the real question here is: How the hell does he still manage to get people to agree to appear on his show?

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