Which Celeb Was the Most Coachella at This Year's Coachella?


Another Coachella weekend has come and gone in a blur of crop tops, floral headbands and mixed patterns. With it went some of the year’s best fashion. And if we learned anything, it was this: bindis are the new headband.

Either Coachella fashion as a whole is getting better or I’m getting more tolerant of it as it’s hit the mainstream, but this year was not that bad. First up: Camilla Belle, Emmy Rossum and Paris Hilton do maxi dresses, big sunglasses and a floral headband. Booooring. That’s so Coachella 2011. NEXT.

Zoë Kravitz – being held aloft by Alexander Wang – gets many extra points for her drugged out facial expression. Mamie Gummer gets extra points for wearing a cover-up you’d wear on the beach during a family vacation. Kesha is just Kesha.

Jared Leto aka Jesus did some nice layering.

He also took time to meet with his constituents.

It’s still unclear what Kate Bosworth does for a living but she managed to look very put together. Her husband, who wore denim on denim, was not so lucky.

Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Osbourne both paired leather with long dresses.

A brief interlude and tip of the hat to Paul McCartney, David Hasselhoff and Steven Tyler for proving that Coachella is not just for the young.

Emma Roberts wears basically this same outfit to Coachella every year. Points for consistency.

P. Diddy pulled out his best sweater. It’s a beauty.

Julianne Hough pulls ahead with a crocheted top, while Selena Gomez continued to demonstrate her love for bindis, though this time she was joined by Kylie Jenner. Not seen in this photo of Demi Moore’s progeny is Scout’s very long knit shawl.

Not sure if Selena was handing them out, but Sarah Hyland and Vanessa Hudgens also rocked bindis.

More from Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who were getting in character to prepare for their roles on season two of Witches of East End. Kendal ALSO wore a bindi.

Audrina Patridge‘s tie-dye jumpsuit is ill-fitting from the front and the back. Alessandra Ambrosio sways to the rhythm of me heart.

Katy Perry gets 10/10 floral wreath headbands for her style at Coachella this year. Her personal life may be in shambles but she really brought it this weekend. (One thing she did not bring: sunscreen.)

As a final note, the ultimate and forever Queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, brings you this message: “Just dust. Everywhere. Lol #bindi marks.” #neverforgetcoachella #bindisanddustandglitter

Images via PCN and Getty

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