Which 'Famous' Studio Executive Asked Ashley Judd to Watch Him Shower In the 90s?


Showering. We all do it! Well, some of us take baths, and some of us don’t wash at all, but I guess most of us do! Some of us even like to shower with others, despite the fact that it’s a clunky, dangerous, and shiver-inducing activity. But there are some of us—many of whom have big offices in Los Angeles—who only like showering when younger women they’re attempting to intimidate are watching. Ever met one of those guys? Ashley Judd has!

Variety reports that, while filming the 1997 film Kiss the Girls, Ashley Judd was sexually harassed by one of the “most famous, admired-slash-rivaled bosses” in Hollywood. Judd says the man was “very stealth and expert about it,” coercing her into showing up at his hotel room for something to eat in the hopes she’d stay, asking her to choose what clothes he should wear, and—eventually—even asking her to watch him shower.

And she wasn’t the only one. Judd continued:

I was with a bunch of other actors, and it was critical that it was actors: The exact same thing had happened to them by the exact same mogul. Only when we were sitting around talking about it did we realize our experiences were identical. There was a mutual strengthening and fortification of our resolve.

Judd says it took years for her to “evaluate that incident and realize that there was something incredibly wrong and illegal about it,” but that she eventually realized that “talking about it is essential to the process of becoming aware, accepting that this is reality and then ultimately taking action.”

So! Let’s talk about it. Here’s what we know about this mogul.

  • He identifies as a man.
  • He is “admired-slash-rivaled.”
  • His harassment began while she was filming Kiss the Girls, which probably occurred in early 1997 – based on it being released in October of that year.
  • He worked for a “rival studio” of Paramount.


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