White Women Helped Incite the Violence At the Capitol Too

White Women Helped Incite the Violence At the Capitol Too
Photo:ALEX EDELMAN / AFP (Getty Images)

In the conversation about the recent siege on the Capitol building by Trump-loving insurrectionists, most people (and news outlets) have primarily, if not exclusively, focused on the men who were involved in the riots. As usual, this focus obscures the crucial roles that white women play in upholding white supremacist beliefs and actively participating in the very literal violence of racism. Not only were there plenty of white women in the mob outside the Capitol, but organizations comprised of white women were also integral to coordinating the March for Trump/March to Save America rally that led to the attempted coup.

Although the organizers have taken down the website for their rally and march, Mother Jones reports that an archived version of the page lists nine organizations as “coalition partners,” several of which are specifically geared towards or run by women.

Specifically, a pro-Trump nonprofit called “Women for America First” was actually the main organizer of the rally. The organization was created in 2019 to oppose the Trump Impeachment and is led by Amy Kremer, a former leader of the Tea Party Express—an organization that Mother Jones once described as “a political action committee that raised tons of money from small donors and spent most of it on the political consultants who started the PAC rather than on candidates.” Amy’s daughter Kylie Jane Kremer was actually listed as the applicant for the permit for the rally.

Another nonprofit that was involved in the rally is “Moms for America,” a group run by Trump conspiracy theorist Kimberly Fletcher. Prior to the 2016 election, Fletcher reportedly wrote an article claiming that Trump’s allegations that the election was rigged “isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy fact.” More recently, Moms for America held a pro-Christmas rally (lol) featuring the Trump-loving Mike Lindell.

Just like white men, white women have always played a central role in maintaining the violence of white supremacy, and minimizing the impact of their role only enables future racism. After all, it’s not like being a woman got in the way of planning an insurrection where a noose was erected outside the Capitol!

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