Who Are Your Pop Culture Heroines?


Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of the “20 All Time Coolest Heroes In Pop Culture,” of which only 5 are women: Sydney Bristow, Ellen Ripley, Nancy Drew, Foxy Brown, and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

The list is a bit of a mess: Batman lands at number 18, while Die Hard‘s John McClane comes in at number 6 (and nobody from Lord of the Rings makes the list at all, WTF). But perhaps more frustrating is the fact that only 5 women made the list, and the very first woman on the list, Jennifer Garner’s Sydney Bristow, is listed as having “Any spandex clothing item, preferably red,” as her best accessory. Blargh.

Alas, the ladies have been shafted again. Perhaps we should make our own list? Some suggestions: Veronica Sawyer, Xena, Lydia Deets, Coraline, Hermione Granger, Claire Huxtable, Veronica Mars, Wonder Woman, Harriet the Spy, Matilda, and, of course, Eowyn. Who are your pop culture heroines?

20 All Time Coolest Heroes In Pop Culture [EW]

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