Who Has the Coronavirus?

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Image: Anna Moneymaker (Getty Images)

Donald Trump has coronavirus! As do Hope Hicks and Melania Trump. While I stymie my urge to open a window and scream “die, bitch!!!”, I have decided to do something productive with myself, and tally up everyone associated with the administration who currently has it.

Hope Hicks, who tested positive on Thursday before the president’s diagnosis was announced, is not the first Trump official to catch the virus. But news of her test results did precede a wave of other positive diagnoses. A gaggle of those in close contact with the president in the last few weeks have similarly tested positive today, and the list keeps growing. To make matters all the more laughable and absurd, the Times reported Thursday that the White House was fully aware of Hicks diagnosis as early as Wednesday, when she and the president flew on Air Force One to a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota.

Here is a list of everyone we know who has coronavirus. This post will very likely be updated!

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