Who Is She?

The most fashionable dog in America was at the Met Gala Monday night

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Who Is She?
Image:Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

Beauty, grace, silky blonde hair, and a snoot that just won’t quit. On Monday night a mystery pup appeared on the Met Gala’s beige carpet and all the fashion people have one question, who is she? Clearly, she is a sweet angel of high stature and fashion sense to be invited to such an event. A close friend of Anna Wintour perhaps? Who can say?

But let’s get into her look. As we can see in the photo above she knows her angles and is using the best one possible to show off her near-nude ensemble accessorized by a simple black collar. The collar’s designer is unknown, but given the theme of the evening, it must be American-made. Perhaps a preview of the Bark Box fall collection?

Her luxurious golden fur, which is PETA friendly, is tightly trimmed so as not to drag on the carpet which could only lead to frizz ruining her perfectly curated locks. But she’s left a little length on the tail because the girls love a long train. I cannot think of anything that captures the theme of America the beautiful than this dog being handled by four humans while she watches celebrities walk by with a regal smolder in eyes, knowing, of course, that she is their superior.

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