Who Is That Girl I See? The New Mulan Trailer Looks Pretty Good


A few years back, Disney realized millennial nostalgia was much more profitable than new, scarily unfamiliar content and began simply remaking the movies a generation of adults (many just starting to have children) grew up with. And it’s working. We frickin’ love these remakes. But the new trailer for Mulan seems like the film will draw from the original without being a straight live-action dupe, which might be a welcome departure from the formula.

The trailer opens with Mulan (played by Liu Yifei) being told of her impending marriage, visiting the matchmaker, kind of skipping over the part where she goes to war in drag to spare her ailing father and jumping straight to Mulan fighting as a woman. There doesn’t seem to be any singing in this version, though the teaser features a melody from the original film’s soundtrack.

Other differences this time around seem to be that Mulan has a sister. Maybe? Who is that other girl I see at the table? And there’s no cricket/dragon buddy comedy B plot, which I suppose we can do without.

The film, directed by North Country’s Niki Caro, promises to be beautiful, with a lot of lush, sweeping landscape shots. And my nostalgia tears popped up right on cue when Mulan says “Yes, I will bring honor to us all,” like some sort of Pavlovian response to childhood familiars, so you win again, Disney. Go ahead and take my millennial cash.

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