Who Is This!

The View has reportedly found a replacement for Meghan McCain—and we don't even know who her dad is.

Who Is This!

After four years of nonstop tantrums and telling us who her father was, Meghan McCain left The View in August 2021, thus prompting ABC’s search for a new conservative host who would hopefully be less childish but still willing to let a hairstylist do literally whatever they want.

On Tuesday, The Daily Mail reported that the daytime talk show had chosen Alyssa Farah Griffin as McCain’s replacement. For what it’s worth, ABC did not confirm the report. “We do not have a co-host announcement to make at this time,” the network said in a statement to Page Six. “Stay tuned.” Way to keep us on the edge of our fucking seats!

Regardless of when ABC decides to officially confirm this news, all we can say is: Who?!

As it turns out, Farah Griffin was the White House director of strategic communications until she resigned that post in December 2020 because, despite working for then-President Donald Trump, she couldn’t believe the guy said the 2020 election was a fraud. She’s since joined CNN as a political commentator and has been a guest host on The View a bunch of times. She’s also reportedly written a book. (Who from the former Trump admin hasn’t, honestly?) And she’s willingly cooperated with House committee investigating Jan. 6—which has really upset this man. But there’s still no need to reward her contribution to the demise of our democracy with a coveted—and well-paid—job on daytime TV.

The only thing we know about her father is that he boycotted her wedding last year, because he’s a big Trump fan, and she famously has criticized her former boss. And that sucks!

“I’m proud of what I did there, I always gave my best counsel to the president,” Farah Griffin told The View in October of her time at the White House. “Sometimes that meant being the, sort of, skunk at the garden party and being the person saying, mmm, can we not do that, maybe don’t do that, maybe wear a mask, but that’s the job.” An American hero. In the same clip, she added, “My general POV was, if not me then who.”

Sunny Hostin, Farah Griffin’s future co-worker, said of her decision to work in Trump’s White House, “Well you’re not working for Darth Vader, but you’re a storm trooper.”

Other conservative women who guest-hosted throughout the latest season of The View included Gretchen Carlson, Condoleezza Rice, Carly Fiorina, S.E. Cupp, and Mary Katharine Ham. Without a clear nepotism contender, it seems The View maybe just picked one of those names out of a hat.

The View returns for its 26th season in September and a Page Six “insider” said the official hiring announcement could happen as soon as August 5. So for those who’ve been oblivious to Farah Griffin’s rise, enjoy this time while you still can.

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