Who Should They Cast in the (Totally Unnecessary) Little Women Remake?


Apparently, the several Little Women movies that have already been released into the universe are not enough. Variety reports that Sony has tapped new writer Olivia Milch to write a new version of the classic tale. Despite the fact that this is horrible news and why on earth would we want to improve upon the perfection that is the most recent 1994 edition of the story, it’s happening and we’ve all got to get on board. The question remains, however: with whom?

The last Little Women film is so perfect I sometimes listen to the score when I’m feeling sad. That’s largely because of the cast, which features Winona Ryder (Jo), Gabriel Byrne (Friedrich), Kirsten Dunst (Amy), Claire Danes (BETH), Christian Bale (Laurie), Eric Stoltz (Mr. Brooke) and Susan Sarandon (Marmee), plus a slew of less-famous people my childhood brain thinks of just as “Meg.”

But! They’re all grown up and old, so, who would you cast as the latest Little Women & Co. now?

Sony Sets Up ‘Little Women’ Adaptation with Olivia Milch Writing (EXCLUSIVE) [Variety]

Image via Columbia Pictures

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