Whose House Is This


Katy Perry performed her very catchy and very woke song “Chained to the Rhythm” at the Brit Awards last night, reprising that sad house motif she introduced during her Grammy’s performance earlier this month. But instead of creeping around a single big sad house, Perry creeped around dozens of small white houses.

Somewhere in the middle of the song, the formerly stationary houses (which represent, I don’t know, complacency?) surprised the audience by standing up (there were people inside each house, you see) and marching around the stage like faded Monopoly pieces that had grown tired of capitalism. But by the end, just after Perry sang the last note, one of the poor houses forgot to use its windows and walked right off the stage.

The two large skeletons representing Donald Trump and Theresa May (see? woke!) reacted in horror:

I, on the other hand, laughed and laughed. And, because footage of people falling and appearing to sustain no major injuries may be funny to you as well, I have compiled a selection of videos and GIFs to help you relive the moment again and again.

Here’s the first video the Jezebel staff saw of the incident Wednesday afternoon. We laughed for minutes! So many minutes.

Here’s a close-up. Hahaha!

Look how the little body falls before the little house! In a cartoon, the house would be saying, “ZOINKS!!!” In real life, I’m saying, “ZOINKS!!!”

And now, an angle from the official video. I’m still chained…to the laughter!

And one more time for good measure:

In all seriousness, we hope this house is both well-compensated and not injured.

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