Why Hasn't Ivanka Trump Updated Her Instagram Account Since the Inauguration?

Why Hasn't Ivanka Trump Updated Her Instagram Account Since the Inauguration?
Image:Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

On the surface, it appears as if little has changed for the adult children of former President Donald Trump since their father left office. Donald Trump Jr is still posting right-wing memes on Instagram and talking out of his ass on Fox News. Eric Trump is busy tending to behind the scenes operations at the Trump Organization while his wife, Lara, flirts with the idea of running for Senate. Tiffany Trump is busy being engaged and loving The Gays™. But what about Ivanka Trump, perhaps the child closest to the administration, working as an advisor for her father alongside husband Jared Kushner?

She’s been keeping quiet, and her once regularly updated Instagram account has been dormant since President Biden’s inauguration.

This wouldn’t be surprising if Ivanka only used Instagram in her professional capacity as a Trump advisor. But her account has long documented her family life, including miscellaneous photos of her children and pets and vacations with her husband—an array that doubles as evidence, however dubious, that she’s just like everyone else. Even before she worked in the Trump White House, Ivanka’s social media identity was devoted to her persona as a doting mother, businesswoman, and fashionista, documented proof that women really can have it all… if they’re rich.

So one—and by one I mean myself and other losers, who know way too much about Ivanka Trump’s Instagram account—would naturally assume that her post-Trump administration live would pivot back to her roots as a veteran socialite turned wannabe influencer, with poorly backlit selfies, pithy tributes to fashion icons, and tropical getaways.

I wondered what Ivanka was up to during her self-induced social media exile; the idea that she was getting a skinny BBL on the low admittedly passed my mind. But according to recent paparazzi shots, it looks like she’s just been busy soaking up some Florida sun with her shirtless man.

Naturally, the Ivanka Trump stan accounts are all aflutter.

Why Ivanka won’t post a little Instagram update humbly showing off her hot mom workout body, I have no clue. History has already shown that the fewer Trumps post on social media, the better. But this long break makes me suspect Ivanka is still plotting her great comeback, hoping to endear herself to an audience beyond her father’s loyal supporters. It’s an uphill climb, but if anyone were to try their hand at it, it would be Ivanka Trump.

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