Why Is Lil Wayne Doing This Shit?

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Why Is Lil Wayne Doing This Shit?
Image:Jeff Schear (Getty Images)

Like any adult who graduated high school in and around the ‘99 and the 2000, I have a soft spot for Lil Wayne’s music and have paid attention to his comings and goings with the same sort of interest reserved for, say, the most popular girl in your high school who now sells Rodan and Fields on Facebook and has three children. The music he’s making these days ain’t great, but I’ve been willing to let it slide until now. Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., can we talk for a sec?

I’m not sure who this information is for or why Weezy is doing this, but he took a meeting with Trump and then posted a photo of the two on Twitter. Listen, we are but a few days out from the fucking election, and I’m tired; you, reading this, are also tired; but let’s all just wake up for one second and look.

I like Lil Wayne and want the best for him, but I don’t know if this is it? Apologies for dragging the president into this column, but all the famouses are being quiet for now, and I can’t stomach the idea of poring through the Kardashians’ Halloween costumes, so this is where we’re at. All I’d like to say is that if Lil Wayne thinks for a freaking second that the president gives a shit about Black people or anyone other than himself—and maybe, every other Sunday, Ivanka—he is one hundred percent out of his gourd. [People]

Hey, hello, everyone is voting (early!), enduring long lines in occasionally inclement weather, and if you happen to live in and around Barclay’s Center in drizzly-ass Brooklyn, and were standing in line to vote yesterday, Paul Rudd was there, too, giving out cookies and being a good man.

Nothing rude to say here about Paul Rudd, the cookies, the voting, the weather—it’s just nice to see famous people who have banked a large part of their career on being a nice person actually be nice. Paul Rudd’s niceness is basically a meme at this point, but here he is, walking the walk. Not to come out as the president of the Paul Rudd Is a Great Man Fan Club (I’m not, it doesn’t exist), but he is. [Hollywood Life]

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  • Do we like that Leann Rimes got nude for a magazine’s Instagram to generate awareness for psoriasis? Yes, that’s good for her! [Us Weekly]
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