Woman Escapes Death by Hitman, Fakes Her Own Murder, Does Intense AMA


Reddit AMAs are often interesting, sometimes dramatic, but generally never as intense as the one that is going on right now. The interviewee is a woman who narrowly escaped death by a hitman and she’s here to answer everyone’s questions about what goes on when an ex just won’t let things go.

Considering the ordeal she went through, the poster, going only by the name of UnfinishedJigsawPuzz, is very open about discussing the experience she went through, answering questions not only about what went on, but about the sting that took place to capture her ex. A sting that involved her faking her own murder with police intervention. Something she couldn’t even tell her family.

She writes:

[SERIOUS] Over a year after I separated from my husband, he finally gave up trying to get me back and decided to hire someone to kill me instead. Luckily, the police were notified and an elaborate sting was set up to catch him, which included them pretty much faking my murder. Two days ago, my ex husband received a ten year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder.

The mods have verified that her story is true and UnfinishedJigsawPuzz even points out that she tried to do this AMA before, but that she was told to take it down because it might have interfered with her case.

It’s terrifying that something like this can happen, especially when you think hit men are only in the movies, but this AMA isn’t just a way for UnfinishedJigsawPuzz to get her feelings off her chest, it’s also an important way to bring awareness to the fact that this kind of thing can and does happen in real life, and likely much more commonly than expected.

The questions have been piling in and at over 4,000 comments, the original poster is already overwhelmed with queries. Here’s the whole story, written after someone asked for a more complete picture:

For the first year after I left him, he was in pretty much constant contact. He called, texted, or showed up at my house every single day, and it was always constant fighting. He tried every trick he could think of to try and get me to come back to him, and I continued to refuse.
About 6 months before the incident, I completely cut off contact with him, finally realizing that even speaking to him was giving him hope that there was still a chance of getting back together. He continued to follow me around for a while after that, but then stopped suddenly, and I heard nothing else from him.
One morning, after the kids were in school, I got a knock on my door. It was a couple of police officers, and they informed me that he had hired someone to kill me, and they were about to set up a sting, to gather evidence and catch him.
The supposed hitman called him to inform him that the job was done, then a 911 call was made, reporting a possible burglary at my address. Another police officer showed up, then radio’ed for an ambulance. More officers started showing up, then the ambulance arrived (they had no idea it was a sting until they got there). Soon afterward, the coroner was called (he also had no idea).
A couple of detectives left the “scene” to go and inform him that his wife had been murdered and asked him to come to the police station and help them out by answering some questions. He answered their questions (I assume) and then was informed that I wasn’t really dead, which is when he went into “panic mode.” This is pretty much the only way that his reaction was described to me. Then they arrested him.
Once we knew that they had him in custody, everyone at my house packed up and left. The crime scene tape was taken down, and then everyone was gone. I was asked to go to the police station because my family was waiting there to see me.

There are still a lot of things left unclear from the AMA, including how exactly the police caught UnfinishedJigsawPuzz’s ex (she’s not clear on why the sting needed to take place), but she didn’t even know about the fact that she was in danger until the police told her. It turns out that her husband had told his friends he was looking for someone to do his wife in (awful) and one of them turned him in. That is an awesome person who deserves some kind of commendation. It absolutely sucks to have to turn your friend in (knowing that there might be backlash), but it’s also something important this person had to do.

You can read the rest of the chilling AMA here. It may just make you want to think more carefully about your personal safety. One of the questions concerned UnfinishedJigsawPuzz’s safety after her husband has served his 10 years in prison. “Do you think ten years is enough or will you fear for your safety after he is released?”

“I will definitely be afraid for my safety, and that of my children after his release.” UnfinishedJigsawPuzz replied.

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