Woman Finds Long-Lost Son After 27 Years Thanks To Facebook

The last time Avril Grube saw her son, Gavin, he was three years old. As her marriage broke down in 1982, Gavin’s father, Joseph, “took him to Blackpool for the weekend and never came back.”

Joseph took Gavin to Hungary, and Avril desperately searched for years to find her lost son. “Over the years we tried everything but couldn’t find out what had happened to him,” she tells the Daily Mail, and according to the Times of London, “Despite appeals via the Hungarian Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Budapest, and an appeal to Margaret Thatcher, then the Prime Minister, Mrs Grube heard nothing more of her son.”

Avril’s sister, Beryl Watson, decided to take matters in to her own hands and searched for Gavin on Google. The results brought her to Gavin’s Facebook profile. She sent Gavin a message, hoping she had the right man, and weeks later, Gavin responded and agreed to meet up with his mother. “I was so overcome and just said ‘my beautiful son’ over and over again,” Grube says, “He was very quiet and overwhelmed. We just hugged each other. It is the happiest day of my life, there are almost no words to describe it.”

Facebook Reunites Mother With Long Lost Son [TimesOnline]
Joy of mother who discovered her ‘kidnapped’ son after 27 years… by Googling his name and finding his Facebook page [DailyMail]

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