Woman Publicly Shames Son on Facebook for Burglarizing Cars


The trend of Facebook-shaming moms continues! This time, it’s a mom in Victorville, California who took to the social media site to publicly apologize for the shitty behavior of her son.

Paula Hamblen used Facebook to apologize to victims on behalf of her son who she said made a “stupid choice” and was hanging with the wrong crowd. According to CBS Los Angeles, Hamblen was extremely emotional at the responses to her post, especially those of her son’s victims.

“I was crying when the officers ended up calling me, letting me know that this is what happened,” Hamblen said. “You know, I was really upset because they said it was really terrible things that they were doing.” Hamblen said that she has always been a parent who taught her kids right from wrong.
“He’s probably going to be mad at me, but I don’t care,” said Hamblen. “Hopefully, he learns his lesson.” Currently, there are more than 100 comments from various Facebook users in response to her public apology, with praising remarks such as, “I applaud you for posting this.”
“I was blaming myself for what he did,” Hamblen said. “Some people were like ‘Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault.’ “

Here’s what Hamblen wrote on her Facebook page:

I would like to apologize to the victims in Apple Valley….my son, his friend were hanging out with this older man who served 15 years in prison. I had no idea. I received a phone call that no parent wants to receive and was told they were arrested for stolen goods. I had always been a parent who taught my kids right from wrong and I am very much in shock and at the same time I feel so bad for the victims [whose] cars were broken into who work hard for the things you have. Once again I am sorry for my son’s stupid choice he made.

So is there any good news associated with this? Sort of. Steve Edinborough was one of the victims of her son’s crimes. His jeep was robbed during Hamblen’s son’s crime spree. “I was kind of blown away for her courage to come out,” Edinborough told CBS. “At the same time, I was embarrassed for her son.”

Hamblen hopes that a combination of jail time and public humiliation will set her teenager straight and out of trouble. Since Sunday, officers have recovered and returned all of Edinborough’s property that was stolen.

Screencap via CBS Los Angeles.

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