Women Who Scored $10,000 Lebron Pendant Is No Longer A Lebron Fan


Four years ago, Vaneisha Robinson bought a pendant for $5 at a yard sale. She recently got the necklace appraised, only to discover it is actually worth nearly $10,000 – and a whole lot of trouble.

After getting the piece appraised and certified by the international Gemological Institute, Robinson put the diamond-studded jersey-shaped pendant up for sale on eBay. Robinson said she hoped to use proceeds from the sale to open her own gym. However, on Wednesday she got a call from Katherine L. Powers, the mother of Maverick O. Carter, CEO of LeBron James’ marketing company. Powers told her that LeBron James was at her house, and they wanted Robinson to come over. “There were going to make me an offer that I couldn’t refuse,” Robinson told reporters.

Actually, they were not interested in buying back the jewelry. Instead, Robinson claims, they accused her, threatened her, and “used their authority” to try and get the pendant back. Powers says the pendant belonged to Carter, and that it was stolen from them years ago. “They blocked her truck in the driveway. They told us that we weren’t going anywhere until they got that pendant. I was scared for my life,” she said. A neighbor called the police, and when they arrived, Robinson was gone and Powers had the pendant.

Robinson didn’t speak to police until Thursday afternoon, when she showed up at the station. She says she was advised to get a lawyer, but she maintains that the piece was rightfully hers. “There was no serial number on that pendant so it’s untraceable,” Robinson said. “That pendant is mine. It belongs to me. I want it back.” Robinson says she plans to use any legal means necessary to get the necklace back. For now, it appears that the eBay listing has been removed, though you can buy any number of “original drawings” of the pendant for upwards of a cent.

LeBron Pendant Now Center Of Police Investigation [NewsNet5]
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