World-Record Hula Hooper Marawa the Amazing Is, For Real, Amazing


“Hula Hoop,” the infectious new midnight BBQ jam from New York producer Brenmar and Jersey multitalent UNiiQU3, is your new midsummer workout anthem, but perhaps more notably, it features Marawa the Amazing, a Somali-Australian gymnast, actor, musician and hula hooper who holds the Guinness World Record for spinning 160 hula hoops at the same time.

In “Hula Hoop,” she shows off some of her talents, giving a little sample of the multi-hoop feat with a clutch of dayglo LED rings while also doing amazing dances. I can’t even hula a single hoop, much less doing so while giving sick body-rolls and looking super cool—but this video might inspire me to try? Marawa is so, so great—she’s been on Broadway playing Josephine Baker, and has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent, and Arabs Got Talent:

She also does trapeze, as you discover midway through this video (she’s also got her Bachelor’s degree in Circus Arts).

Oh yeah, NBD.

Gonna step up my summer workout routine.

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