Would You Like to See The Big Ol' Engagement Ring Nick Jonas Bought Priyanka Chopra?

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Priyanka Chopra gave me, by which I mean she gave all of us, the first non-blurry (though still sort of low-res due to the fact that a front-facing camera was used) look at the engagement ring worn to symbolize her decision to marry the youngest Jonas Brother Nicholas (aka Nick), who reportedly shut down an entire Tiffany’s store (a la Sweet Home Alabama) to find the perfect ring for his soon-to-be bride. The photos were published by the other person in the selfie, actress Raveena Tandon.

It will never not be amazing to me that one of the most famous women on the planet who is literally best friends with royalty (Duchess Meghan) is going to marry a former child star with two famous brothers who used to make headlines for wearing purity rings and whose biggest song ever contains the lyric “It’s my right to be hellish, I still get jealous.” But cupid is a surprising little asshole—and also, apparently, a heavy drinker, because only tequila could explain his decision to shoot arrows into these two.

But I digress! This romance is real, and here’s more proof: a source tells People magazine that Nick’s family will soon travel to India to meet Priyanka’s family. I wonder if Joe Jonas and his fiancée Sophie Turner will be there! Wow what is it about the Jonas brothers?!


Per Radar Online, Lindsay Lohan’s Mykonos club is a mess. A patron spoke to the website and gave their account of the service, which may or may not be the subject of an upcoming Vanderpump Rules-like MTV reality show.

“The staff was rude… others had an attitude towards everything… They are not friendly. We had to wait 1 hour, 20 minutes to get our lunch because they had technical problems with orders. They answered in an arrogant way when we asked how long we had to wait. My boyfriend got his burger first and I still had to wait 30 minutes.”

In other news, summer is hot and java is delicious.

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