​Yes or No, Vol. 5: FKA Twigs, Baauer & Willow Smith

Y: If we played word association with FKA Twigs, “haunting,” “creepy” and “dark” would pop up the most. So yes, this video for “Video Girl,” which focuses on a man who’s about to be lethally injected, is haunting. FKA does slow motion performance-art gyrations while watching him from behind a glass. Then it transitions into her inside the room, straddling him while singing her telltale ghost-like chants into a mic. Close-ups of the lethal fluid make it even more morbid. It’s the most chilling lap-dance you could ever imagine, and this woman’s videos are consistently fantastic. [This Is RnB]

N: Iggy Azalea debuted “Beg For It” on SNL and like much of her music, it could potentially be tolerable if it were released in a parallel world where Iggy raps without a grating blaccent. As is, I’ll pass. [Vulture]

Y: Willow Smith made a sad, sad ballad called “Female Energy,” which borrows from Jhene Aiko’s “Pressure.” She’s either 13 and knows nothing about heartbreak, or she’s really 73 and knows everything about heartbreak. Willow’s shrill vocals still need polishing, but this pseudo-weirdo persona shows promise. [Rap-Up]

Y: Pennsatucky praise arms are up for Kelly Clarkson’s “Shake It Off” rendition. It’s loud and churchy and great. [Idolator]

Y: Angel Olsen sounds old and serene on the acoustic “May As Well.” Feel like a silent film should be playing while I listen to this. [NPR via Stereogum]

Y: On his new song (he’s so busy in the studio), “Jetskis,” Jaden Smith seems to be going for Lupe Fiasco deepness and Childish Gambino chillness. Surprisingly, his rando Sophocles raps are growing on me. By the way, “Sad” seems to be Willow and Jaden’s overall artistic direction. [Complex]

Y: I only krump in the comfort of my apartment, and I might do just that with Baauer’s EP, ß. Even though “One Touch” wasn’t really my speed, there’s a joyous blend of sirens, drums and other clashing club instruments here. [Ill Roots]

N: The production on Calvin Harris’ “Open Wide” is giving me EDM-Western, and Big Sean’s breakup raps fall flat. [Nah Right]

N: Flaming Lips’ SuperFreak” video opens with a half-naked woman dressed only in Christmas garland stealing Miley Cyrus’ brain. I want to like the bonkers imagery and general oddity, but it’s a little too jumbled. [Rolling Stone]

Y: Jay Rock’s duet with Kendrick Lamar, “Pay For It,” pulls off being spiritual, somber and aggressive. [Fader]

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