You Can Pay This Dude to Stand in Lines for You

Need a job? How about getting paid to wait in line? Meet Robert Samuel, a professional line-sitter who takes PayPal, Chase QuickPay and Venmo.

According to the New York Times, Samuel sits in long lines for aggressively popular events and items, like a Beyoncé concert, Apple iPhones or Louboutin heels. He is the guy you see on line on the 7 o’clock news and think ‘Who has time to stand in that line for hours for a phone?’

Robert Samuel does, and now you probably want to hire him, don’t you?

His job began as a side-job after he was fired from a cell phone salesman job in New York City. Then, just before the newest iPhone hit stores in 2012, Samuel put his services as a line-sitter on Craigslist and earned his first client. Now he charges $25 for the first hour of waiting and $10 every half-hour after that and even has a posse of line-sitters he manages when jobs get crazy.

Samuel stands in line for everything from videos games to cronuts but declines unreasonable requests now, like SNL tickets.

“I really don’t want to do that,” he said. “People are on line for days at a time. We go from 11 at night till 6 in the morning, and you don’t get in. With a big show like Justin Bieber, I would probably just tell you no. Tina Fey? Not happening.”

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Image via S.O.L.D.

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