You Know What'll Make You Beautiful? Raisins! Lots of Raisins!

In Depth

One of the many reasons I enjoy reading vintage magazines: The advertisements are often transparently full of shit. For instance! This 1921 campaign for Sun-Maid Raisins, which suggests that the raisins are the most surefire beauty product of all.

Feast your eyes upon full-page, full-color advertisements featured in the January, February, March issues of Ladies Home Journal, via HathiTrust. Raisins are gonna make you look just lovely:

Raisins will make your crone ass look just great, pinkie promise:

Eat a handful of raisins every morning and you might as well throw away the rouge you shouldn’t be wearing anyway because this is Ladies Home Journal and we don’t approve of fast behavior, young woman:

Just a couple of things to remember the next time you’re reading some magazine or blog that makes wild cosmetic claims about this or that.

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