You Missed an Awesome Malaysia Fashion Week


Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week wrapped up a few days ago, and it was better than what I’m doing out here in mid-August, sitting around, sweating: the designer Kittie Yiyi, for one, showed rainbow jellyfish headpieces and paste-on giant-sized press-on lips with sweet candy frocks.


Perhaps the polar opposite, but no less eye candy to look at, were the super-spacey, minimalist looks at Hide, a collection inspired by dunes. Here’s their interpretation of “saffron monk robes”:

Tengku Syahmi went minimal in a different direction, focusing on beautiful draping and to-die-for flared tailoring:

Super Sunday launched a line entitled “Press” that seemed like death armor for streetwear zombies:

The best part of KLFW is that it appears to have been held in a mall, which is frankly way better than some stuffy bouge-zone (and much closer to a Coffee Bean). Here’s the final walk at Jonathan Liang.

Love Rizman Ruzaini’s disco art-goddess looks for the modern wearer of hijab.

Amazing finale, too:

Aini Bakker showed a super-serious bronze palette with sophisticated slouchiness.

Lots more beauty happened, and no one appeared to be perspiring.

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Image via AP.

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