'You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself, Bitch': It's the Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Trailer


The only days I look forward to anymore are: 1) National Cat Day, and 2) days when a new season of Vanderpump Rules premieres. Finally, we have the trailer for Season 7 of the show—another tragic season of cast members denying cheating rumors, of being friends with the people they despise most in the world, and of Stassi dating toxic, questionable characters. (This one’s name is literally Boyfriend.) (It’s Beau.)

We pick up with happy news: Jax has proposed to the woman he loves and cheated on, Brittany, which means we’ll get another trashy Vanderpump wedding officiated by Lisa Vanderpump. After showing some progress, James Kennedy seems to have backslid into being full-on James Kennedy. Stassi is dating a guy named Beau. And both Toms are “hard” at “work” on opening their new restaurant Tom Tom.

It seems like the tone of this season is more tragic and depressing than ever, but maybe that could be said of every season.

Here, some choice excerpts from the trailer:

“I’m engaged!!!!!!” -Brittany
“Do not ever bring up my dad!” -Lala
“You’ve been in a relationship with a girl before.” -Tom Sandoval
“You don’t let me do anything. I do what I want.” -Tom Schwartz
“Your relationship is in trouble.” -Lisa Vanderpump
“It’s like you dick-punched my heart.” -Beau
“It’s our fucking birthday!” -Stassi and Ariana
[Sexual moan] -Scheana
[Sexual moan] -Lala
“Welcome to Tom Tom!” -Tom Sandoval
“You should be ashamed of yourself, bitch.” -Tom Schwartz
“I’m already on the brim of freaking out” -Brittany
“You have no idea what you’re talking about!” -Katie
“Stop clapping in my face!” -James’s girlfriend Raquel
“Fuck everyone! Who the fuck cares?!” -James
“That was so trashy.” -Lala

Season 7 premieres December 3 on Bravo.

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