You Won't Believe All the Secrets Kelly Preston and John Travolta Have

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If you thought John Travolta was the only person in his marriage with “sex secrets,” then you were wrong, because wife Kelly Preston also has sex secrets, and all their sex secrets will be revealed in a “shocking” new tell-all called The Shocking and Sexy Sex Secrets of Two Secretive People: Kelly Preston and John Travolta. It’s actually called Kelly Preston Unscripted, but all that sex secrets stuff is “true.” The unauthorized book was written by Robert Randolph, the same man “who claimed John was a gay sex addict in his book, You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again.”

Of the new book, Randolph said, “I’m also checking out rumors that Kelly boozes and pops pills, and that both she and John once both shared the same sexual partner!” The man is so giddy about being a long-time expert on Kelly and John’s sex secrets! I wonder if it’s on his resume. Proficient in Microsoft Word. Good communicator. Expert on sex secrets of Kelly Preston and John Travolta.


Have you seen Clouds of Sils Maria? It’s excellent. Kristen Stewart is astounding in it. She won a Cesar (the French Oscars) for her performance – the first American to win one! But despite all the accolades and success, she hates it. Every single minute of it. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she vented about being a celebrity.

“Fame is the worst thing in the world. Especially if it’s pointless. When people say ‘I want to be famous’ – why? You don’t do anything.”

But this wasn’t a ‘woe is me’ rant. No no, she had something more important to say.

“Women inevitably have to work a little bit harder to be heard. Hollywood is disgustingly sexist. It’s crazy. It’s so offensive it’s crazy.”

Tell ‘em, Kristen! Or don’t. I don’t want to make you go out in the spotlight if you hate it.


Orlando Bloom had a “deep conversation” outside a coffee shop owned by Hugh Jackman and I’m desperate to know what he was talking about.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, 38, was spotted “in deep conversation” with an older male pal outside Laughing Man Coffee, a spy tells Page Six.

So many questions here! Who was the “old male”? Was it Hugh Jackman? Was it Karl Lagerfeld? Was it a statue? Was it an invisible man? Was it a stranger? Was it a tourist who didn’t understand a word Orlando was saying? Was it an old dog?

And what was he talking about? Good lord, what would Orlando Bloom be having a deep conversation about with an old man? Life? Death? Fatherhood? Selena Gomez? Celebrity? War? Politics? Kaley Cuoco’s new hair color? The plot of Interstellar?

Probably Kaley Cuoco’s new hair color.

[Page Six]

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