Young Ruffian Remixes Lana Del Rey's Trippy 'Once Upon a Dream'


Lana Del Rey’s track from Maleficent has a brand new remix and an eerie video to go along with it.

While some were eventually disappointed with Disney’s retelling of the life of the baddest evil lady that ever graced a fairy tale, most of us were instantly hooked by the spooky trailer, which featured Del Rey’s version of “Once Upon a Dream.” (I remember the moment I first heard Lana’s haunting voice slowly croon “I know you” over images of Angelina Jolie in full Maleficent garb; it was spine-chilling.) Young Ruffian just remixed Del Rey’s track, and the accompanying music video makes for a better, briefer, free-from-Disney-bullshit version of the tale.

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