Your Guide to Some Guy Gigi Hadid Is Maybe Dating

Your Guide to Some Guy Gigi Hadid Is Maybe Dating

Two weeks ago, during The Bachelorette finale, Hannah Brown was faced with a tough decision: would she partner with Nashville musician Jed Wyatt, a dishonest dude best known for writing an unmemorable dog food jingle? Or would it be model Tyler C., aka Tyler Cameron, a man whom her family and the rest of the world adored? Long story short: Hannah picked Jed. He had a girlfriend back home. They broke up. Tyler showed up for the live show portion of the finale. Hannah asked him out for a drink. He said yes. It’s likely that nothing came of the date, because this “Who?” may or may not currently be dating supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Less than a week after the finale aired on ABC, Us Weekly reported that Cameron went on a date with Hadid on August 4 at the Dumbo House in Brooklyn. She reportedly followed him on Instagram about a week before the Bachelorette finale, which fans of the show viewed as a spoiler. That’s enough information to intrigue me, but it gets better: apparently, Cameron was also spotted leaving Hannah Brown’s house in Los Angeles just days earlier, on August 2. A source told the tabloid, “He spent the night. He went to her house and stayed there and left in the morning.”

As young single people, this isn’t a big deal, but as young, famous single people—one of whom dated former One Direction singer Zayn Malik for a long time—it is a big deal to me. It is also apparently a big deal to longtime host of the Bachelor franchise, Chris Harrison, who really should retire, bitch. “If Tyler is bouncing around from girl to girl and loving the life and enjoying the limelight—which, by the way, good on him. That’s fine. If that’s what you want to do right now, I don’t blame him,” Harrison told Entertainment Tonight on August 5. “He’s probably enjoying life really, really well—but that’s not someone we’re going to want to have as our Bachelor or Bachelorette. So it’s about sincerity. It’s about where you are in your life. And if that’s where he is in his life, then he’s not the guy for us.” (For what it’s worth, pilot Peter is obviously going to get the role of the Bachelor. When is it ever the runner-up?)


On the same day, People asked Brown about Cameron and Hadid’s apparent fling, which she didn’t immediately comment on. Instead, she offered, “I’m not really sure where things stand with us right now. I’m single. Dating [Tyler] is too strong of a word. I’m figuring it out.” When probed with a similar question by Entertainment Tonight the same day, she said, “I have feelings, but I’m also single and he’s single and I wanna keep my options open and he can keep his options open.”

As for Cameron and Hadid? They seem to be having a grand ole time. According to E!, they went on their second date the day after their first—on August 5—to Frames Bowling Lounge in New York City. The next week, E! reported that Cameron was seen exiting Hadid’s New York apartment on August 12, which brings us to Tuesday (yesterday). According to Marie Claire, “Tyler and Gigi were seen leaving her New York apartment,” going to Le Turtle restaurant, “and then hitting up Justin Theroux’s new bar, Ray’s.” It is this outing that brought us photographic proof of their coupling (seen above) and confirmation, at least, to me, that something is going on. I mean, who voluntarily goes to Theroux’s bar, which he has sincerely described as the “diviest dive bar” in the Lower East Side if not to appease a crush? There is nothing redeeming about it?

Gigi Hadid seems to be seeing some guy who did not win The Bachelorette and will likely not become the Bachelor. Maybe she’ll pull a Sarah Hyland and get engaged to a guy from the franchise. Maybe this will become a trend.

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