You're not a very good actress, you're not dating Jude Law anymore, so kindly just go away.


Poor Britney and Lindsay! Probably the only thing worse than the whole world knowing you’re a drunken cokehead slattern, is having a drunken cokehead slattern stand up for you.

“[Sienna] told OK! magazine: ‘I think everyone’s entitled to their own decisions.
Girls are doing the same thing all over the world as what these girls are doing, but they’re not being photographed while they’re doing it.’

Really Sienna? Are girls all over the world really taking prodigious amonts of drugs, binge-drinking seven nights a week, flashing their vaginas around, arriving at nightclubs in limos full of puke, going into rehab, and sucking off Joe Francis? Are they, Sienna? Are they really? Or is it just you, hmmm?

[shut up and go away]

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