Zac Posen: For the Benevolent Empress of a Magical Realm in You


Zac Posen’s spring 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week truly showcased his extravagant flair: this season appeared as a sea of pastel, sculptural, flamboyantly draped evening gowns with sensuous details. A bit over-the-top? Maybe, but good for indulging one’s “benevolent empress of a magical realm” fantasy.

Standouts included an architectural evening jacket (which was far more modern-looking than the rest of the collection) and a floral gown with an elaborate, mermaid-style skirt. Also, one of the dresses looks vaguely like a very beautiful vagina, which is always welcome in my book. Posen stated that the collection was meant to embody “conceptual evening,” whatever that means.

Peer through the veil of conceptual evening below:

Images via Getty.

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