Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Have A Son; Other Celebrities Have Lawyers And Penis Pictures

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  • Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz welcomed a baby boy into the world on Thursday and named him Egypt Daoud Dean. [Reuters]
  • Oksana Gregorieva, on the other hand, welcomed 39 lawyers to her legal team in her battle against Mel Gibson. They want Mel to pay their $1 million in legal fees, which is why they’ve signed up. [TMZ]
  • Madonna has apparently welcomed choreographer Brahim Rachiki into her inner sanctum. And, yes, that’s a euphemism. Click through his head and naked torso shots and tell me you blame her. [Page 6]
  • New Zealand is hoping to welcome back Peter Jackson in February, as that’s when they’re finally scheduled to start filming The Hobbit in 3D, because everything is filmed in 3D now so they can charge you more to go to movies you were iffy on seeing in the first place. [Yahoo]
  • Speaking of iffy, Dina Lohan is denying reports that she’s trying to make money off of visiting her daughter in rehab. Riiight. [TMZ]
  • Taylor Swift is confirming reports that she’s in “conversations” to be on Glee, but that they don’t know yet because of “scheduling” which usually means that Taylor Swift’s publicist thought it would be awesome to have her name and Glee in the same headline. Mission accomplished! [Hollywire]
  • Jessica Simpson and the one man who always has her best interests at heart — stylist Ken Paves which, we can all admit, is kind of a god with her hair — have split up because she’s got a boyfriend. Girl, boys come and go but you never, ever let go of a good stylist. [Popeater]
  • VH1 reality-star-humper Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle got arrested on an outstanding warrant because she posted on her website an appearance she was doing to promote yet another VH1 reality show that will make me weep for America. The terrorists may really be winning. [TMZ]
  • Speaking on people that are doing their best to drag American civilization further into the seventh circle of hell, Cat Ommanney who got on D.C. Housewives (which ruined her marriage and her estranged husband’s career and generally sucked anyway) just to promote some book about falling in love over email, doesn’t even have a publisher. And after the aforementioned suckage, she’s not likely to. [Page 6]
  • And if you weren’t disgruntled enough, Diddy says Brett Favre’s real problem is getting his face in the dick shots he sent. He added:
  • With these new Blackberrys (smart phones) there’s a certain angle (from the shoulder) that it gives you an increase in size and width that after you take the picture you cannot help but to send it to a loved one! I’m completely for sexting, I just thing we need to keep it headless and keep it with our loved ones. And keep it interesting, like four o’clock in the afternoon!
  • And there you have it: many celebrities like sending pictures of their penises to ladies. Awesome.
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