Americans Still Aren't Fond Of Single Mothers


Despite America’s fervent desire that Jennifer Aniston will spawn, with or without a man, a Pew Research Center poll found nearly seven out of 10 U.S. residents think single mothers are bad for society, UPI reports.

2,691 people were asked about various types of family situations, including gay people raising children, unmarried couples living together, and mothers working outside the home. The respondents fell into three groups: 31% accepted most non-traditional family arrangements, and 32% had the opposite view. The remaining 37% were okay with most family arrangements, except for single motherhood.

Rich Morin, who wrote the report, theorized,

“We see gay and lesbian couples raising children in loving environments. We see young mothers going off to work and coming home to raise happy, well-adjusted children. Then we see the sometimes tragic consequences of single parenthood, with just one person juggling so many roles.”

Is this yet another problem we can blame on Teen Mom? (Those ladies make great scapegoats!) Americans are quick to pin society’s ills on single mothers, but it’s not like the majority of one-parent households consist of women who used artificial insemination. For most of these single mothers ruining our society, there’s a dad who isn’t in the picture. Yet interestingly enough, Americans don’t seem to have as much scorn for the men who aren’t parenting their children at all.

Poll: Single Motherhood Still Not Popular [UPI]

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