An Update on Pete Davidson's Dick and Its Whims

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An Update on Pete Davidson's Dick and Its Whims
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I am having trouble keeping up with Pete Davidson and his various relationships, in part because he cycles through so many so quickly, and also because they all seem to look just like him. So I am not quite sure what to make of the news that Davidson went to the same basketball game as alleged paramour and supermodel Kaia Gerber, but did NOT sit with her. What does this mean????

Per People:

Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber were both spotted at the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday — though they did not sit together.
The supermodel, 18, accompanied her father Rande Gerber to the game, while Davidson, 25, sat with friends.


Davidson, if you can recall, was spotted leaving Gerber’s house last week, all too shortly after breaking up with actor Margaret Qualley. Though neither has confirmed a relationship, tabloid reports suggest they have been “spending time together.”

Now, you could say that this story doesn’t matter, that none of this matters, and that nothing matters, and we are all just sad beams of light flitting through the atmosphere, no matter how famous we are or allegedly impressive our genitalia. This is true, but I still need more information. Please know I have only this. [People]

On a vaguely uplifting note: long, long ago, in a celebrity news cycle far away, Flip or Flop hosts and then-real life couple Christina and Tarek El Moussa split after a fairly horrifying domestic dispute. Christina later ended up marrying Channel 4 presenter Ant Anstead—that was two years ago, and they are still very happy, so that is nice.

Per an Ant Instagram post, and also People:

“TWO YEARS!!!!! ‘A soulmate is a stranger you recognize….’ I called you two years ago today! And straight away I knew I knew you!” he wrote.
“Two years ago I was lost! I was half! And you made me whole!” Ant added. “You completed me! You get me! I love you! And I love our imperfections! I continue to pinch myself every day.”
The husband and father then finished his post by referencing how they feel fate played a role in their love story, writing, “Thank you for choosing me! Not that we had a choice.”

A happy ending all around, yes. [People]

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