Anne Hathaway's Exquisite Breasts Distract from Her Bad Haircut at the Dark Knight Premiere


Anne Hathaway is dealing with the aftermath of shaving her head for her part in the upcoming Les Misérables quite well, considering that she said she was inconsolable after cutting her hair so short. But she modeled through the pain at last night’s red carpet premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

While Anne Hathaway looks great in this dress—despite it’s Wedding Day color and train—her lid is definitely less Cat Woman and more Cat Lady.

Speaking of bad hair cuts: Zoe Kravitz. I love the portrait on her ring and am dying to know who it is.

From afar, Hailee Steinfeld‘s dress looks like a floral patterned fitted muumuu with a clown bow. Up close it’s infinitely better: A floral patterned fitted muumuu with a clown bow that’s entirely made up of sequins.

Marion Cotillard‘s spiky shoes are literally stabbing her.

Cocktail chic: Leila Lopes, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Juno Temple.

Couples: Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic; Donald Trump and Melania Trump; Pharrell Williams and an elegant friend.

Hunks Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy. And Jay Manuel, doing his part to ensure that he was the only man to get into his pants that evening.

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