Anti-Choice Rep. Scott DesJarlais Says That God Has Totally Forgiven Him for Pressuring His Mistress into Having an Abortion


Having admitted that he “made a very poor decision” in his first marriage when he cheated on his wife and pressured his mistress into have an abortion, Uncle Fester stunt-double and anti-choice U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R., Tenn.) insisted on a conservative Nashville radio show that God has “forgiven” him for being such an inveterate asshat, and asked “fellow Christians” to “consider doing the same.”

DesJarlais, you may remember from the October weeks preceding our collective post-election fugue, is the Tea Party, family values-oriented Congressman (and physician!) who ran into a nasty bit of reelection trouble when a transcript of him bullying his ex-mistress/patient into having an abortion bubbled to the top of DesJarlais’ swampy personal life. Things only got grosser from there — DesJarlais defended himself by explaining that the transcript wasn’t so awful because his mistress wasn’t even pregnant, and, besides, he was going through some tough emotional times. Have a little empathy, jeez. Soon, another former mistress came forward, telling tales of DesJarlais’ professional inappropriateness, alleging that, as a doctor, he’d often try to romance some of his patients and write recreational prescriptions to whomever he was sexing.

Through it all, DesJarlais displayed the political fortitude to continue referring to himself as “consistent support of pro-life values,” and has assured the good residents of Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District that, not only does he have no intention of resigning his seat, he’ll be running for reelection in 2014.

Scott DesJarlais says ‘God has forgiven me’ [Chattanooga Times-Free Press]

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