Anti-Mask Dad Charged With Felony After Shoving Mask-Wearing Teen Girl

The dad sent his own daughter to school without a mask, in direct defiance of her school's mask mandate

Anti-Mask Dad Charged With Felony After Shoving Mask-Wearing Teen Girl
Image:Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

Cowardice knows no bounds, as evidenced by an anti-mask dad who shoved a mask-wearing girl into a fence at a Florida high school on Wednesday. He has been arrested and charged with felony child abuse.

The Miami New Times reports that 50-year-old Dan Bauman was dropping off his maskless daughter at Fort Lauderdale High School when the incident occurred. According to police reports, Bauman was “causing a disturbance” while videotaping mask-wearing students in front of the school when a masked student approached him. She allegedly wanted Bauman to stop filming her and told Bauman that she “had enough of this for four days.” The girl reportedly attempted to grab Bauman’s phone when he responded by “aggressively pushing the student into a fence and twisting her arm in the process.”

The incident was filmed by another student and shows security guards quickly pulling Bauman off the girl.

Bauman is currently being held at Broward County Main Jail on one count of aggravated child abuse, a felony with a mandatory minimum sentence of four years in prison if convicted and a maximum sentence of 30 years imprisonment, 30 years of probation, and a $10,000 fine.

Broward County Public Schools are sticking to their mask mandates to curb the spread of covid-19, in direct defiance of an executive order by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis which allows parents to decide whether or not their child wears a mask.

As cases of the highly contagious Delta variant rise, once again pushing hospitals to the brink, DeSantis’s decision has been met with scorn by the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and 10 Florida school districts are ignoring DeSantis’s new anti-mask order, despite the state school board’s threat to withhold salaries from school districts with mask mandates.

But back to this Bauman character—according to the Miami New Times, he has become something of a local celebrity at school board meetings thanks to his anti-mask stance:

Bauman, according to the arrest report, is “known to cause disruption” while protesting Broward School Board’s mask policy. His daughter, Isabel, a sophomore at Fort Lauderdale High, has refused to wear a mask to school and has been turned away by the administration for the fifth school day in a row.
Four of Isabel’s anti-mask supporters arrived at the school this morning holding signs that read “Obey the Law” and “We Stand With Isabel.” Fort Lauderdale High School students chanted “Wear a Mask! Wear a Mask!” back at the group.
Before his Wednesday morning arrest, Bauman told NBC6: “I don’t care, the school board policy is illegal, and she’s not gonna put on a mask, no matter what, it’s not gonna happen.”

Funny how anti-maskers love to call mask mandates “child abuse,” but seem to have no problem physically assaulting children to defend their cause.

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