Ashley Judd Not Into Sarah Palin; Senate Not Into Daschle's Tax Issues


It’s not even Wednesday, and some people like Tom Daschle are already experiencing humps in their week, while Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is taking her lumps courtesy of activist actress Ashley Judd.

Hillary Clinton was sworn in as Secretary of State again yesterday in a photo-op ceremony that totally didn’t seem somewhat absurd since she’s already been Secretary of State for 12 days. While she was having her second bite at the confirmation apple, Eric Holder was getting his first, former Senator Tom Daschle was taking a tongue lashing (and not in a sexy way) in his bid to become the next Secretary of Health and Human Services, Leon Panetta was finally scheduled for a hearing on his bid to be the next CIA Director and current New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg was trying to work out the kinks (also, not in a sexy way) in his nomination to be Secretary of Commerce by getting his Democratic Governor John Lynch to promise to appoint a Republican to his seat when he leaves, which makes me, at least, wonder what the fuck is the point of appointing him in the first place. I mean, he only wants the gig because he knows he’ll lose a re-election bid to a Dem in 2010, which is when his emptied seat would be up in a special election anyway, so it’s a zero sum game and he gets Secretary of Commerce? Granted, his predecessor for the nomination, Bill Richardson, is looking at an expanded investigation into his grabby little hands so Gregg’s better than that, but, really? Really?

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama’s been busy around town with more than just being Mom In Chief. She’s reportedly crafting a policy agenda on all that “working families” stuff that she was promoting during a campaign. She even gave a speech at the Department of Education (think that’ll be on her policy agenda?) about all the education issues close to her heart. Countdown to right-wing hysteria at a woman in the White House having a brain, a platform and the good sense to use both wisely to promote things that are important to her in 5…4…3…

While Michelle’s out giving speeches and Obama’s team is attempting to keep all their Cabinetry balls in the air, the GOP is doing just a little bit of soul-searching. Well, some of them are doing soul-searching and some, like South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, are promoting $3.1 trillion dollar alternative stimulus packages full of tax cuts for corporations and rich people which he believes will stimulate the economy more than some New Deal thingie where Real Americans get jobs building roads and shit. Others are listening to Joe The Motherfucking Plumber’s political advice (for real, I swear, that’s not even a joke), hiding from the wrath of Teh Gheyz because of their Prop (H)8 support or trying to make Sarah Palin the new Republican standard-bearer because she’s just so gosh-darn cute with her fancy pageant walking and her nascent McCarthyism. One person who doesn’t find her so cute is actress Ashley Judd, who, with the help of Defenders of Wildlife, stars in an anti-aerial wolf-hunting advertisement that attempts to make as much hay out of using Palin’s name as I am by shoe-horning this story into the news instead of talking about protectionism, Iranian satellites, Kwame Kilpatrick’s new-found freedom or Michael Bloomberg getting bit by a motherfucking groundhog. I know what y’all want to click.

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